After 14 years, we just opened "One of the Best Wines Ever".... La Frenz "Alexandria" 2003 was a limited edition. It's color had deepened to a beautiful burnt golden yellow. The flavor was out of this world and has become so much richer after 14yrs of storage... Bought it at the "La Frenz" Vineyard in 2003 when we went on a family wine tasting tour in Naramata. Was one of the most fun days of my life and full of laughter with family. We went back home and the next day after each buying secret unseen wine from different vineyards (not tasted) to have a wine tasting at home with 10 different wines. We had made great appetizers to go with the home tasting and it was amazingly fantastic. Hubby's family is one of the most fun and witty and wonderful families ever... so glad to be a part of them.